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silvia gheorghe

" The only impossible journey is the one you never begin."

I love to do Yoga, Acroyoga (obviouslly) dance, play and  goof around, especially out in nature.I am Pices and I blamed that for my longing for oceans and seas hihi, so a sandy palm tree beach is where i imagine grow old.
I am a Thai massage Therapist now, and my journey begun when i was very little, I used to crawul up the couch and massage my mom with my tiny heels (was like 3-4 years old). When i was in highscool I did some massage courses that led me to Kintetotherapy in Med School. But the system never got me, Thailand did instead haha, and that is where I discovered Acro also and my soul is happy eversince. And I feel that if we can spread the Happies that acro brings, we can make this world a better one, together.