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Elise Foster

Playing keeps our minds, hearts, and bodies young!

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Inspired by her yoga teaching grandmother, Liselotte ("Lilo") Foster, Elise began practicing yoga at a young age. In 2011, after being mesmerized by a handful of AcroYogis at Meridian Hill Park near her home in DC for a couple of summers, Elise gathered the courage to ask if she could fly. She immediately fell in love with AcroYoga and its lineage of 3 different elements - yoga, acrobatics, and the healing arts. Like nothing else she has experienced, AcroYoga has the ability to transform lives - it can free one's playful spirit, create community, and cultivate trust and communication. Since she began this practice, acro in DC has grown exponentially and become a beautiful and supportive community. She is honored to have learned from many beautiful and talented AcroYogis who have inspired her journey including Jason Nemer, Katie Capano, Jean-Jacques Gabriel, Bonnie Argo, Matt Giordano, Carolyn Cohen, Joe Ramas, Lani Gordon, Greg Franklin, Jen Leisch, Josh Young, Aaron Lind, Sarah Yovovich and Sarah Vosen. 

As an AcroYoga teacher, Elise aims to bring the joy, power and healing energy that AcroYoga brought into her life to others. In addition to AcroYoga teacher training, she has completed Reiki level 1 certification, Thai yoga massage training in Thailand, and 5 Element Thai Massage training with Sarahpeutics. She strongly believes in the power of AcroYoga's holistic approach to a partner practice and continues to develop her skills in all three elements of the practice. She also loves hula hooping, dancing, fire flow, and other movement arts that allow one to get in touch with and embody their authentic selves.

In addition to being a teacher, Elise is also a performer. In April of 2014, she began performing with her good friend and fellow AcroYoga teacher, Dean Hively, in an acrobatic-burlesque duo. Since it's inception, Acrolesque has performed dozens of shows in the DC area, as well as at Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada, at AcroYoga's Divine Play Festival in Portland, Oregon, and as roving performers at Beats Antique's Creature Carnival. 

Elise is based out of Washington, DC and is currently traveling throughout the US and internationally. She continues to advance her practice and share her love of AcroYoga everywhere she travels with friends new and old.

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Elise Foster & Acrolesque
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