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Alexandru Dragan

Play is the highest form of research

I'm interested in movement since I was a kid, spending my childhood and adolescence doing professional swimming and then moving to water polo for a total of 12 years . Along the way I tried bodybuilding, climbing and crossfit. Exploring meditation and diving into yoga 5 years now became a daily practice. So I went on and became a Certified Yoga Teacher 200hr YTC. In 2016 I came across Aikido, got very excited and trained intensively for 2 years until a shoulder injury put an end to it. I discovered acroyoga in 2018 in the park, when I also met my partner. It had a huge impact and I got hooked ever since.

I love how acroyoga pushes my limits constantly, helps overcoming my limitations and brings so much creativity into action. This is what life is about: play, love, connect, share, presence, compassion and least but not last having fun and enjoying the moment.