Whether you’re just getting started, taking classes, or rocking out at Jams, an Immersion is the best way to deepen your practice and continue your AcroYogi journey.



Healing and recovery balance your acrobatics and support a sustainable life-long journey. Also known as a lunar practice, this relaxing and rejuvenating experience includes therapeutic flying, Thai massage, yoga, meditation, and will:

  • Cultivate touch, communication, sensitivity, and listening skills
  • Increase flexibility and mobility
  • Assist in releasing tension and injury recovery
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Nearby. Or a place you’ve always wanted to visit. Our Immersions are versatile and always led by the most thoughtful and experienced instructors.

Party Tricks

It’s not just fun and games. Okay, actually it kinda is. You’ll learn through play how to safely base, fly and spot these poses - and more!

AcroYoga training

Therapeutic flying

AcroYoga training

Mobility and flexibility training

AcroYoga training

Relaxation and recovery training

AcroYoga training

Thai massage

WHAT you need to know

What is an Immersion?
An AcroYoga Immersion is a 3-5 day dive into the universe of AcroYoga. Taught by exceptionally trained Teachers (they have gone through rigorous Teacher Training Level 1, Level 2, and are engaged in a rigorous mentorship program). Immersions are held nearly every week of the year, in locations all over the world. From Paris to Nairobi, or Sydney to Dallas, there is likely one coming up, very close to you.
Where do I begin?
If you are a beginner, start with a Foundation Course. This will give you all the foundation to practice for a lifetime. Upon successful completion, you can sign up for a Solar or Therapeutic Immersion.
Who is it for?
AcroYoga Immersions are for people who want to learn AcroYoga, deepen their practice, or cultivate their path towards becoming an AcroYoga Teacher. Whether you're just getting started, or you've been taking classes and rocking out at Jams, this is your next step on your journey as an AcroYogi.
Can I roll solo to an AcroYoga Immersion?
Absolutely! This is where you are going to meet your future partners in movement, connection, and play. Walk in the door alone, and depart with a whole new community.
Do I have to base, fly and spot, or can I just do one?
As part of the Immersion learning process, you will have the opportunity to embody all three roles. We will support you in the roles that you feel most comfortable, while guiding you in a safe and supportive environment.
What’s the difference between residential and non-residential Immersions?
Residential Immersions are an all-inclusive experiences. Lodging is included in the price. Non-residential Immersions are priced at day-long and full immersion rates. No fear! Immersion Teachers provide a facebook group for participants to collaborate on lodging- another way to deepen with your AcroYoga community.
I can’t get all that time off! Can I join for just one day or weekend?

We advise that if this is your first Immersion, rock it out start to finish. You’ll gain the most benefit of education and community building. If this is not your first Immersion, jumping in for a day or two will enable you to re-embody the skills you know and love.

Many teachers offer day and weekend rates for their Immersions. However, if you want the full experience of both deep learning and deep community, it is advisable to attend the whole experience.

Can I attend an Immersion before a Foundation Course?
AcroYoga is a progressive system. This means that you take Foundation Course first to build a strong foundation. After that, you will be eligible to attend Solar and Lunar Immersions. This way, you will optimize your learning, practice, and journey as an AcroYogi.
Why AcroYoga International Immersions?
Our Immersion Teachers are an incredible group. They are AcroYoga Teachers who have exceeded our rigorous and highest level training. They are Level 1 & 2 AcroYoga Teacher certified, have been mentored by Lead Teachers, are certified yoga teachers, and are incredible people who have honed their communication and co-teaching philosophies to bring you an experience of a lifetime.
Why an Immersion? Can’t I just take classes?
Classes are amazing and grow your practice in your community. Immersions take this to the next level, and the facilitators are the highest trained teachers in the world. We have over 10 years of refining these sequences and methods with thousands of students around the world. You will get the most cutting edge methods to build and refine your practice quickly and efficiently.