Acroyoga Teacher Training Level Ii In Greece

with Chris Loebsack, Pascal Weis, John Karvelis, and Alexandra Ruiz

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Location: Sunshine House, Greece
Dates: August 30 - September 9, including a two-day non-residential festival in Athens Sept 8-9 (required for certification)

Level 2 is about going to the next level. And this is what we are going to do in Greece! 

We aim to give you new tools in your practice, your teaching and your ability to build community. In this intensive training, we will focus on the 3 pillars of AcroYoga and how these pillars can be mixed to support students in new ways. Yoga, Acrobatics and Healing arts are all infinite practices and we have the rest of our lives to find the perfect alchemy for different students and different situations. 

We truly believe that this training will equip you with the skills and the courage to follow your passion as a teacher and bring unique offerings to your community.

You will be dedicated to a track during the training. About 25% of your time you will be with your group and your mentor finding new ways to create and deliver smart and individual content to the whole TT. We will dedicate the first few days to refining foundational principals & skills in the physical practice and re-defined teaching techniques. Each day we will present new challenges and have you all come up with content and ideas to meet the challenge.

For example: 
6 teachers will teach a 3 hour class. 2 teachers from each track; yoga, acrobatics & healing.
class content: inversions and recovery
potential class plan: the yoga track warms up the class for 30min, the acro track does 1hr of inversion training, the yoga track does 30min of yoga to cool down, the healing track does thai fly to restore the wrist, shoulders and neck.

How is this level 2 different from ones in the past: 
• The curriculum is built upon all the learning from the last level 2, with the most up to date tools and techniques. 
• There focus is shifting to direct mentorship instead of training how to teach immersions 
• The integration of different tracks to make unified offerings 
• A two day festival to finish the party with graduates leading workshops

How is this level 2 like the ones in the past: 
• It's about bringing out more in teachers: bravery, honesty, truth, connection to their passions and skills
• You will leave the training with new skills and new ideas of what you want to grow in your practice
• Many teachers come out with more clarity as to what is their unique offering and how it can serve the global community

AYI Level I certified

€2295 - Dorm room  (4-8 people per room)
€2495 - Dorm room  (2 or 3 people per room)
€2995 - Singles (1 person)

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