The Best Beginner AcroYoga Pose: Front Plank

Are you ready to fly again?! You probably called this pose “Airplane” the last time you did it. It’s easy, safe, fun and guaranteed to generate wide smiles and open laughter. It requires trust from the flyer and stability from the base. Just like learning all new skills, going step by step is the best way to master the basics. 


Foot-to-Shin for Beginners

Wondering what AcroYoga pose is best for beginners? Curious about flying or offering a flight to a friend? Foot-to-Shin is one of the best poses for beginner bases because it requires very little leg flexibility from the base. It’s also easy for flyers. 


Black Lives Matter

Dear community,

The pain and outrage that is being felt throughout the world is not only a result of the murder of George Floyd, and of many others who have lost their lives to racism and police brutality, but also of centuries of systemic racial injustice and oppression.

We feel you. We stand with you. We are here to listen.