Get to know us.

“Hi! I’m (Your Name Here). Wanna Play?”

Feels kinda weird, huh.
But it didn’t always.
In fact, it’s probably how you met your first best friend.

Because children, in every country and corner of the world, interact and engage with a natural curiosity and craving for connection.
Sweet and simple.

Then at some point, we learn, or rather we are taught, that it’s weird. Weird to put yourself out there like that. We begin to fear rejection. To avoid it even, at all costs. But the costs are huge.

We stop saying, “we get to go outside and play!” and start to do only the stuff we’re good at. We begin to only attach physical activity with goals and expectation. We start complaining and comparing. And we stop connecting. Worst of all, we forget what we knew from our literal day one:

We’re in this together. So why not make it fun?

AcroYoga Int’l is a movement. It allows all people to connect*, or often re-connect, through movement and play.

*the real kind. Not the WiFi kind.

We create pop-up playgrounds that can happen anytime and anywhere you have an open space and an open mind.

It’s where we learn the basics of supporting others and being supported. Where we trade conversation for non-verbal cues and timidness for trust. Where trying something new can awaken an old passion.

Where we rise by lifting others: your partner. your friend. your kid. your co-worker. your lover. Or, if you’re really brave, your enemy.

Because AcroYoga is not just about the poses or the parties, the falling down or the #nailedit photo opps. It’s about breaking down the barriers that we built ourselves.

You don’t have to learn how to play. You have to un-learn being afraid of it.

Our Vision

We believe in a more connected world all people feel comfortable to move and play regardless of age, size, background or beliefs.

Our Mission

AcroYoga Int’l exists for all people to connect through movement and play.

Pair doing acroyoga

Our Practice

AcroYoga is a progressive practice with beginning poses accessible to anyone (yes, anyone!) and is much more than partner yoga:

  • Combining the Fitness + Play of Acrobatics
  • The Healing + Movement of Therapeutics
  • The Balance + Connection of Yoga

Our Origins

AcroYoga Int’l was the first to code-ify and “formalize” (an especially funny term considering the awesomely informal founder, Jason Nemer) the AcroYoga practice in 2003, which included the very first AcroYoga teacher manuals, online and on-site education and trainings. The state-of-the-art curriculum incorporates therapeutics as part of the foundation: creating a safer and more sustainable lifelong practice.

Our People

These are the humans dedicated to supporting our global
community of Teachers and students.

Our Education Department is dedicated to supporting our Teachers with the tools they need to thrive and to embody the AcroYoga mission. The Education Committee helps us uphold this goal with authenticity and integrity.

Two people balancing

Our global community of acroyogis spans 60+ countries around the world. Find a Teachers or JAMbassador in your area.

Find a teacher
Two guys practicing



"to contain all parts of the whole"

Inclusion is at the foundation of a unified global community. We invite all people to play: people of all genders, ethnicities, classes, sexual orientations, abilities, religions, beliefs, fitness levels, ages and sizes.


"to minimize the risk of injury, danger, or loss"

Safety is how we take care of each other physically and emotionally. We practice accurate self-assessment. We build skills progressively, starting with the foundation before attempting higher level moves, and using spotters when needed. We communicate clearly and kindly, ask instead of demand, listen to our partners’ needs, and honor their requests as we are able to.


"enjoyment, amusement, lighthearted pleasure"

Fun is the Why of AcroYoga. We welcome fun into our life and our practice.


"the state of existing at this time"

Presence unleashes the greatest potential for success in an AcroYoga practice. We commit to giving our full attention to our partners. We disclose the use of any focus-altering substances before practicing.


"reliance on the integrity, strength, ability of a person or thing; confidence"

Trust is the currency that we exchange to earn confidence and relinquish fear. We earn each other’s trust one positive interaction at a time.


"the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty"

Courage is a catalyst to evolve in the AcroYoga journey. We stand in our integrity to unlock our potential. We make choices that keep us safe by saying yes when conditions are right and no when we are not ready.


"high or special regard, esteem"

Respect is integral to human interaction. We obtain explicit consent, state our boundaries, and express how we do and do not want to connect. When our partner states their needs, we listen.

We Rise by Lifting Others

As a community, we raised $8,134 in 2017 for student scholarships and other philanthropic efforts that bring AcroYoga to those most in need.

Join us at an upcoming AcroYoga Fest and help us lift others.






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